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Workplace Wonders

Here are some of my favorite picks for the workplace. These are products that I’ve used for many years. By wanting to include these links, it means that I am now an Amazon Associate as I may earn from qualifying purchases. It also means I’m the nerd that read the FTC guidelines on disclosures pertaining to social media and wants to be certain that I comply with the rules.

Lumecube Light

This is a reliable portable light that allows plenty of options for tone and intensity. It’s perfect for video meetings, especially if you are in a space with unpredictable natural light. It also is easy to pack and bring along on your travels.  It comes with simple suction cup (for lack of a better phrase) that easily grabs hold of a PC or laptop without a stand. While a stand or tripod allows additional flexibility, it’s not a necessity.  I think the Lumecube is a good first step towards upping your lighting game.

Lumecube 30 Inch Stand

If you decide you want greater flexibility with the placement of your lighting, this tripod is small enough to pack away, but versatile enough to allow you a ton of lighting options. It’s quite sturdy and even my dog knocking it over several times, has not impacted its durability.

Jabra Headset

I am not one for playing games when it comes to stressing out my neck, so I love this headset. It’s easy to use and pairs magically with Bluetooth . It is also very comfortable if you want to use a headset for hours on end, which sometimes happens. It’s also very easy to adjust and has a sleek design.

GDrive External Hard Drive

Thanks to my friends who really know about technology, I always have back-up my documents, contracts and designs. I love this GDrive and find it works well for the life of my computers.

Logitech Camera

If you want to be sure that your images are crystal clear during a call or webcast, this is a terrific little camera. It’s easy to color correct and change the width of views, and best of all, it’s incredibly easy to set up.

Shure Microphone

Yes, it’s small and stylish, but don’t hold that against it. This powerful Shure microphone has made the difference in producing quality sounds versus something unreliable and “fizzy” sounding.

What Leaders in the Profession Say

Deborah Farone is the leading expert in law firm marketing. Not only has she studied this complex topic from at the peak of the legal profession, her research into what works and what doesn’t is priceless for anyone interested in growing their business.

Heidi K. Gardner, PhD, Distinguished FellowHarvard Law School’s Center of the Legal Profession and author of Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos

Deborah is a connector, linking clients and legal service providers. She is our go-to person when we are looking for authentic industry knowledge and insights on where the legal market is trending.

Connie BrentonFounder of CLOC, V.P. of Law, Technology, and Operations, NetApp Inc.

Deborah helped us at Cravath develop internal systems from the ground up and obtained experience through working in the trenches and dealing with the most challenging marketing and public relations issues in professional services.

C. Allen ParkerInterim CEO and President, Wells Fargo & Company

Being savvy to best practices in business development is more critical now than ever. Deborah Farone is an industry leader who helps professionals navigate the evolving legal landscape. She brings an exceptional wealth of notable experience, insight, and forward thinking that continues to elevate our profession.

Cynthia P. VothDirector of Client Engagement & Innovation, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP, Legal Marketing Association President - 2019

Grace under fire. The clear-headed thinking to be a visionary when surrounded by hundreds of genius lawyers. The grit to survive the twists and turns that are modern law firms. Those are just three of the traits needed to succeed as an elite legal CMO. Farone has those and more.

Katrina DeweyFounder and CEO, Lawdragon

Deborah Farone has a unique perspective on the modern American law firm. Her years of experience inside “big law” make her an invaluable source for those who provide and consume legal services.

Evan CheslerChairman, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

The gold standard in marketing.

Ralph FerraraSenior Advisor, Brown Rudnick and former General Counsel of the SEC

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